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SCI-E journal papers (1) More...

1 Vincent F. Yu, Luu Huu Van, Luu Quoc Dat, Ha Thi Xuan Chi, Shuo-Yan Chou, Truong Thi Thuy Duong: Analyzing the Ranking Method for Fuzzy Numbers in Fuzzy Decision Making Based on the Magnitude Concepts. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF FUZZY SYSTEMS (July 2016). [Pub ID : #2528]

International conference papers (2) More...

1 Ha Thi Xuan Chi, Do Hoang Ngoc Trinh: Supplier selection by using AHP- TOPSIS and Goal progamming: A case study in Casumina rubber company Vietnam.. Paper presented at 2016 The 3th International conference on Industrial Engineering and Applications. (April 2016). [Pub ID : #2483]
2 Do Thuy Yen Vy, Ha Thi Xuan Chi: A Fuzzy Goal Programing for Aggregate Production Planning: A Case Study in A Dong Paint Company. Paper presented at APIEMS 2015. (December 2015). [Pub ID : #2288]

Proceedings (1) More...

1 Ho Thanh Phong, Pham Huynh Tram, Vo Quynh Mai, Phan Nguyen Ky Phuc, Le Nhat Ho, Le Phuoc Thien Thanh, Huynh Khanh Dang, Dao Anh Kim Ngan, Ha Thi Xuan Chi (Eds): The 16th Asia Pacific Industrial Engineering and Management Systems Conference. ISBN 978-604-73-3787-3. (December 2015). [Pub ID : #2488]