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1 Le Dinh Minh Tri, Hien Vo: Consumer attitude towards website advertising formats: a comparative study of banner, pop-up and in-line display advertisements. International Journal of Internet Marketing and Advertising 11(3): 202-217 (September 2017). [Pub ID : #3018]
2 Mai Ngoc Khuong, Ngo Thi Kim Chau: The Effect of Event Sponsorship on Customer’s Brand Awarness and Purchase Intention - A Case Study of Toyota Vietnam. Review of European studies 9(1): 148-157 (March 2017). [Pub ID : #2804]
3 Phung Thai Minh Trang , Mai Ngoc Khuong: Personality Traits, Perceived Risk, Uncertainty, and Investment Performance in Vietnam Global Business & Finance Review 22(1): 67-79 (March 2017). [Pub ID : #2795]
4 NNU Minh, Vo Van Toi, THL Phuong, Tran Truong Dinh Thao: Zein-based solid dispersion for potential application in targeted delivery Journal of Pharmaceutical Investigation (February 2017). [Pub ID : #2781]
5 Phung Thai Minh Trang, Nguyen Minh Tuan, Mai Ngoc Khuong: MOTIVATING MORE INDIVIDUAL INVESTORS TO EMERGING STOCK MARKETS: THE CASE OF VIETNAM. Actual Problems of Economics 2(188): 299-308 (January 2017). [Pub ID : #2773]
6 Phung Thai Minh Trang, Mai Ngoc Khuong, Nguyen Huu Tho: The Big Five Traits, Moods, and Investment Decisions in Emerging Stock Markets International Journal of Business Research 16(5): 99-108 (December 2016). [Pub ID : #2796]
7 Pham Huu Anh Ngoc, Cao Thanh Tinh: Exponential Stability of Functional Differential Systems. Vietnam Journal of Mathematics 44(4): 727-738 (December 2016). [Pub ID : #2772]
8 Phan Quoc Khanh, Le Minh Luu, Tran Trinh Minh Son: On the Stability and Levitin–Polyak Well-Posedness of Parametric Multiobjective Generalized Games. Vietnam Journal of Mathematics 44(4): 857–871 (December 2016). [Pub ID : #2740]
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10 Pham Huu Duc: A Computer-Based Model for Assessing English Writing Skills for Vietnamese EFL Learners. The Asian EFL Journal 95: 4-20 (October 2016). [Pub ID : #2696]