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21 Wasun Chantratita, Supatat Chumnumwat, Zen Huat Lu, Chonlaphat Sukasem, Michael David Winther, Francis R. Capule, Asma A'tiyah Abdul Hamid, Bibek Bhandari, Usa Chaikledkaew, Noppadol Chanhom, Soranun Chantarangsu, Angkana Charoenyingwattanaj, Tong Thi Hang, Tin Maung Hlaing, Kyaw Soe Htun, Jiraphun Jittikoon, Le Thi Ly, Surakameth Mahasirimongkol, Dzul Azri Mohamed Noor, Jesus Shrestha, Lakkana Suwannoi, Pramote Tragulpiankit, Saowalak Turongkaravee, Sukanya Wattanapokayakit, Phonepadith Xangsayarath, Rika Yuliwulandari, Shamsul Mohd Zain: Southeast Asian Pharmacogenomics Research Network (SEAPharm): Current status and Perspectives. PUBLIC HEALTH GENOMICS (October 2019). [Pub ID : #4121]
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27 Hui Min-David Wang, Ling Fu, Chia Chi Cheng, Rong Gao, Meng Yi Lin, Hong Lin Su, Nathania Earlene Belinda, Nguyen Thi Hiep, Wen-Hung Lin, Po Chun Lee, Liang Pho Hsieh: Inhibition of LPS-Induced Oxidative Damages and Potential Anti-Inflammatory Effects of Phyllanthus emblica Extract via Down-Regulating NF-κB, COX-2, and iNOS in RAW 264.7 Cells. Antioxidants 8: (August 2019). [Pub ID : #4002]
28 Nguyen Huy Hoang, Bui Le Quynh Nhu, Nguyen Nhat Phuong Uyen, Nguyen Van Thuan, Bui Hong Thuy: Isolation of female germline stem cells from porcine ovarian tissue and differentiation into oocyte-like cells. JOURNAL OF REPRODUCTION AND DEVELOPMENT 65(5): (August 2019). [Pub ID : #3948]
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30 Ho Le Huy Phuc, Le Van Canh, Chu Quoc Thang: The equilibrium cell-based smooth finite element method for shakedown analysis of structures. International Journal of Computational Methods 16(5): 1840013 (July 2019). [Pub ID : #4004]