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41 G. Liu, M. R. Dehghani Kodnoeih, Pham Trung Kien, E. M. Cruz, D. González-Ovejero, R. Sauleau: A Millimeter-Wave Multibeam Transparent Transmitarray Antenna at Ka-Band IEEE Antennas and Wireless Propagation Letters 18(4): 631-635 (April 2019). [Pub ID : #3779]
42 Dinh Tien Dung Nguyen, Long Giang Bach, Nguyen Thi Hiep, Minh Hieu Ho, Minh Nhat Ho, Dai Hai Nguyen, Cuu Khoa Nguyen, Thai Thanh Hoang Thi: Preparation and characterization of oxaliplatin drug delivery vehicle based on PEGylated half-generation PAMAM dendrimer. JOURNAL OF POLYMER RESEARCH (April 2019). [Pub ID : #3740]
43 Pham Huu Anh Ngoc, Thai Bao Tran, Cao Thanh Tinh, Nguyen Dinh Huy: Novel criteria for exponential stability of linear non-autonomous functional differential equations Journal of Systems Science and Complexity 32: 479-495 (April 2019). [Pub ID : #3715]
44 Vu Kinh Luan, Nguyen Anh Dung, Nguyen Hoang Khue Tu: Studies on Tinidazole Delivery from Nano-sized Minicells Originated from Leuconostoc mesenteroides. INDIAN JOURNAL OF PHARMACEUTICAL SCIENCES 81(2): 234-240 (April 2019). [Pub ID : #3701]
45 Duong Nguyen Hong Nhung, Daniel Resasco, Darius Aruho, Bin Wang : Hydrodeoxygenation of anisole over different Rh surfaces. CHINESE JOURNAL OF CATALYSIS 40(11): 1721-1730 (March 2019). [Pub ID : #4096]
46 Phan Quoc Khanh, Nguyen Hong Quan: A fixed-component point theorem and applications. Bulletin of Malaysian Mathematical Science Society 42: 503-520 (March 2019). [Pub ID : #3678]
47 Pham Thi Hoa, Chihiro Inoue: Chlorinated benzenes and benzene degradation in aerobic pyrite suspension. ARCHIVES OF ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION 45(1): 115-125 (March 2019). [Pub ID : #3650]
48 Ho Thi Kim Ngan, Nguyen Thi Thuy Van, Nguyen Van Thuan, Bui Hong Thuy: Epigenetic impairments in development of parthenogenetic preimplantation mouse embryos Journal of Reproduction and Development (February 2019). [Pub ID : #3945]
49 Tra Huong Thi Le, Nguyen H. Tran, Vo Thi Luu Phuong, Zhu Han, Mehdi Bennis, Choong Seon Hong: Joint Cache Allocation With Incentive and User Association in Cloud Radio Access Networks Using Hierarchical Game. IEEE Access 7: 20773-20788 (February 2019). [Pub ID : #3860]
50 Vu Kinh Luan, Nguyen Anh Dung, Santa Romero Jovel, Nguyen Hoang Khue Tu: Tinidazole Delivery Improved by Nanosized Minicells Originated from Leuconostoc mesenteroides. JOURNAL OF NANOMATERIALS 2019: (February 2019). [Pub ID : #3700]