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81 Le Hang Dang, Nguyen Thi Hiep, Ha Le Bao Tran, Vu Nguyen Doan, Tran Ngoc Quyen: Injectable Nanocurcumin–Formulated Chitosan-g-Pluronic Hydrogel Exhibiting a Great Potential for Burn Treatment. Journal of Healthcare Engineering (May 2018). [Pub ID : #3340]
82 Mai Duc Thanh: The Riemann problem for the shallow water equations with horizontal temperature gradients. APPLIED MATHEMATICS AND COMPUTATION 325: 159–178 (May 2018). [Pub ID : #3282]
83 Phan Nguyen Ky Phuc, Vincent F. Yu, Shuo-Yan Chou, Yu-Chung Tsao: Effects of dominance on operation policies in a two-stage supply chain in which market demands follow the Bass diffusion model RAIRO-OPERATIONS RESEARCH (April 2018). [Pub ID : #3410]
84 Mai Duc Thanh: Completing a well-balanced numerical method for a model of two-phase flows by computing correctors. APPLIED MATHEMATICS AND COMPUTATION (April 2018). [Pub ID : #3281]
85 Phan Quoc Khanh, Vo Si Trong Long: Weak finite intersection characterizations of existence in optimization. Bulletin of the Malaysian Mathematical Sciences Society 41(2): 855-877 (April 2018). [Pub ID : #3278]
86 Luong Thu Hien, Nguyen Thanh Truc, Vo Van Toi, Huynh Chan Khon, Bui Chi Bao, Vo Van Thanh Niem, Mai Ngoc Tuan Anh, Nguyen Dai Hai, Pham Dinh Chuong, Nguyen Thi Hiep: Evaluation of the Morphology and Biocompatibility of Natural Silk Fibers/Agar Blend Scaffolds for Tissue Regeneration. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF POLYMER SCIENCE 2018(5049728): 7 (January 2018). [Pub ID : #3517]
87 Phan Quoc Khanh, Vo Si Trong Long: Fixed points, continuous selections and existence of solution of optimization-related problems. NUMERICAL FUNCTIONAL ANALYSIS AND OPTIMIZATION 39(1): 100-125 (January 2018). [Pub ID : #3216]
88 Tran Phong, Nguyen Thi Hiep, Kate Fox, Nhiem Tran: In vitro cytotoxicity of iron oxide nanoparticles: Effects of chitosan and polyvinyl alcohol as stabilizing agents. Materials Research Express (January 2018). [Pub ID : #3200]
89 Nguyen Vu Hong Ha, Hung M. Lê, Geoffrey P. Savage: Effects of maturity at harvesting and primary processing of cocoa beans on oxalate contents of cocoa powder. JOURNAL OF FOOD COMPOSITION AND ANALYSIS 67: 86-90 (January 2018). [Pub ID : #3177]
90 Pham Huu Anh Ngoc, Thai Bao Tran, Cao Thanh Tinh: On stability of nonlinear neutral functional differential equations ESAIM: Control, Optimisation and Calculus of Variations (ESAIM: COCV) 24(1): 89-104 (January 2018). [Pub ID : #3174]