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1 Phan Bao Ngoc, Michael S. Bessell, Nguyễn Thành Đạt (PhD student), Eduardo L. Martin, Paul T.P. Ho, C.F. Lee, H. Parsons: Detection of lithium in nearby young late-M dwarfs. ASTRONOMY & ASTROPHYSICS (Q1, IF = 5.185) 600: A19 (March 2017). [Pub ID : #2735]
2 Trinh Thanh Thuy, Kyungsoo Jang, Van Duy Nguyen, Vinh Ai Dao, Junsin Yi: Role of SiOxNy surface passivation layer on stability improvement and kink effect reduction of ELA poly silicon thin film transistors. MICROELECTRONIC ENGINEERING 164: 14-19 (October 2016). [Pub ID : #2742]
3 Đặng Đức Cường (PhD student), Phan Bao Ngoc, Đào Văn Tiến Dũng (HCMIU): Two confirmed class I very low-mass objects in Taurus. Astronomy and Astrophysics (Letters to the Editor, Q1, IF = 5.185) (March 2016). [Pub ID : #2377]
4 Phan Bao Ngoc, CF Lee, P Ho, C Dang-Duc, D Li: Characterization of Molecular Outflows in The Substellar Domain. The Astrophysical Journal 795(1): 70 (October 2014). [Pub ID : #1569]
5 Phan Bao Ngoc, CF Lee, P Ho, E Martin: Submillimeter Array observations of the proto brown dwarf candidate SSTB213. Astronomy and Astrophysics 564: A32 (April 2014). [Pub ID : #1571]
6 Deshpande R., Martin E., Montgomery M., Zapatero Osorio M., Rodler F., del Burgo C., Phan Bao Ngoc, Lyubchik Y., Tata R., Bouy H., Pavlenko Y.: Intermediate Resolution Near-infrared Spectroscopy of 36 Late M Dwarfs. The Astronomical Journal 144(4): id.99 (October 2012). [Pub ID : #2255]
7 Riaz B., Martin E., Tata R., Monin J.L., Phan Bao Ngoc, Bouy H.: Young stellar objects in NGC 6823. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 419(3): 1887 (January 2012). [Pub ID : #2254]
8 Phan Bao Ngoc: Maximum Reduced Proper Motion method: Detection of new nearby ultracool dwarfs. Astronomische Nachrichten 332(7): 668 (August 2011). [Pub ID : #2253]
9 Phan Bao Ngoc, Lee C.F., Ho P., Tang Y.W.: Molecular Outflows in the Substellar Domain: Millimeter Observations of Young Very Low Mass Objects in Taurus and ρ Ophiuchi. The Astrophysical Journal 735(1): id.14 (July 2011). [Pub ID : #2252]
10 Martin E., Phan Bao Ngoc, Bessell M., Delfosse X., Forveille T., Magazzu A., Reyle C., Bouy H., Tata R.: Spectroscopic characterization of 78 DENIS ultracool dwarf candidates in the solar neighborhood and the Upper Scorpii OB association. Astronomy and Astrophysics 517: id.A53 (July 2010). [Pub ID : #2251]