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1 Nguyen Hoang Son, Ha Thi Xuan Chi, Do Vinh Truc: SOLVING SIMULTANEOUSLY TWO–ECHELON VEHICLE ROUTING PROBLEM FOR DELIVERY PERISHABLE PRODUCTS IN URBAN AREA. In proceedings of The International Conference on Logistics and Industrial Engineering 2019. ISBN 978-604-73-7136-5. (August 2019). [Pub ID : #4067]
2 Nguyen Hoang Son, Khanh Tran Xuan, Nguyen Thao Trang, Ho Thanh Phong, Ho Doan Quoc, Nhieu Nhat Luong: Cell-Inspired discrete simulation applying for supply chain management. In proceedings of International Congress on Logistics and SCM Systems 2018. ISBN 978-604-73-5981-3. (July 2018). [Pub ID : #3535]
3 Phan Thuy Kieu, Ho Thanh Phong, Ho Thanh Vu, Nguyen Hoang Son: Design and Management Fruit and Vegetable Supply Chain in Mekong Delta of Vietnam: A Holistic Research. In proceedings of The 18th Asia Pacific Industrial Engineering and Management System Conference 2017. ISBN 978-602-50913-0-8. (December 2017). [Pub ID : #3195]
4 Nguyen Hoang Son, Ho Thanh Phong: Scheduling Quay Crane and Yard Equipment A case study of terminal in Central region. In proceedings of The 17th Asia Pacific Industrial Engineering And Management Systems Conference. (December 2016). [Pub ID : #3098]