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SCI journal papers (19) More...

1 Nguyen Tan Khoi, Le Cong Minh Khoa, Tran Thi Quynh Anh, Vu Phuong Mai, Duong Vu Quynh Phuong: Preventing Static Biofilm Formation of Staphylococcus aureus on Different Types of Surfaces Using Microbubbles. LANGMUIR (January 2024). [Pub ID : #4252]
2 Nguyen Tan Khoi, Tran Le Hanh Nguyen, Lam Quang Thien, Duong Vu Quynh Phuong, Doan Hai Linh, Vu Phuong Mai, Nguyen Huy Phuc Khang: Review on the Significant Interactions between Ultrafine Gas Bubbles and Biological Systems. Langmuir 40(1): 984–996 (January 2024). [Pub ID : #4250]
3 Nguyen Tan Khoi, Nguyen Van Anh: New Evidence of Head-to-Tail Complex Formation of SDS–DOH Mixtures Adsorbed at the Air–Water Interface as Revealed by Vibrational Sum Frequency Generation Spectroscopy and Isotope Labelling. LANGMUIR 35: 4825−4833 (March 2019). [Pub ID : #3673]
4 Afshin Asadzadeh Shahir, Khristo Khristov, Nguyen Tan Khoi, Anh V. Nguyen, Elena Mileva: A Combined SFG and Thin Liquid Film Study of the Specific Effect of Monovalent Cations on Interfacial Water Structure. LANGMUIR 34(23): 6844–6855 (May 2018). [Pub ID : #3366]
5 Nguyen Nguyen Ngoc, Anh Van Nguyen, Nguyen Tan Khoi, Llew Rintoul, Liem X. Dang: Unexpected inhibition of CO2 gas hydrate formation in dilute TBAB solutions and the critical role of interfacial water structure. Fuel 185: 517-523 (August 2016). [Pub ID : #2622]
6 Nguyen Tan Khoi: In Situ Investigation of Peptide–Lipid Interaction Between PAP248–286 and Model Cell Membranes. The Journal of Membrane Biology (February 2016). [Pub ID : #2409]
7 Nguyen Tan Khoi, Afshin Asadzadeh Shahir, Anh V. Nguyen: A sum-frequency generation spectroscopic study of the Gibbs analysis paradox: monolayer or sub-monolayer adsorption?. PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY CHEMICAL PHYSICS 18: 8794-8805 (January 2016). [Pub ID : #2408]
8 Nguyen Tan Khoi, Nguyen V. Anh: Suppressing interfacial water signals to assist the peak assignment of the N+–H stretching mode in sum frequency generation vibrational spectroscopy. PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY CHEMICAL PHYSICS 17: 28534--28538 (October 2015). [Pub ID : #2406]
9 Nguyen Tan Khoi: Interfacial Orientation and Secondary Structure Change in Tachyplesin I: Molecular Dynamics and Sum Frequency Generation Spectroscopy Studies. Langmuir 27: 14343 (November 2011). [Pub ID : #1825]
10 Nguyen Tan Khoi: Probing the Spontaneous Membrane Insertion of a Tail-Anchored Membrane Protein by Sum Frequency Generation Spectroscopy. journal of the american chemical society 132: 15112 (October 2010). [Pub ID : #1832]

SCI-E journal papers (9) More...

1 Nguyen Tan Khoi, Vu Phuong Mai, Tran Le Hanh Nguyen, Lam Quang Thien, Tran Thi Quynh Anh, Le Phan Ahh Thu: Investigating the effects of ultrafine bubbles on bacterial growth. RSC ADVANCES 14: 2159–2169 (January 2024). [Pub ID : #4251]
2 Nguyen Tan Khoi, Afshin Asadzadeh Shahir, Anh V Nguyen: Probing the Molecular Orientation of Methyl Isobutyl Carbinol at the Air–Water Interface. Journal of Surfactants and Detergents 20(4): 969–976 (May 2017). [Pub ID : #2954]
3 Nguyen Tan Khoi, Nguyen V. Anh, Evans Geoffrey: Interfacial Water Structure at Surfactant Concentrations below and above the Critical Micelle Concentration as Revealed by Sum Frequency Generation Vibrational Spectroscopy. Journal of Physical Chemistry C 119: 15477–15481 (June 2015). [Pub ID : #1956]
4 Nguyen Tan Khoi: Orientation Determination of Interfacial Bent α-helical Structures Using Sum Frequency Generation Vibrational Spectroscopy. CHEMICAL PHYSICS 447: 15 (February 2015). [Pub ID : #1647]
5 Nguyen Tan Khoi: An Electronically Enhanced Chiral Sum Frequency Generation Vibrational Spectroscopy Study of Lipid-bound Cytochrome c. CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS 51: 195 (January 2015). [Pub ID : #1646]
6 Nguyen Tan Khoi, Anh V. Nguyen, Geoffrey M. Evans: Interactions between halide anions and interfacial water molecules in relation to the Jones–Ray effect. PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY CHEMICAL PHYSICS 16: 24661 (November 2014). [Pub ID : #1645]
7 Nguyen Tan Khoi, Anh V. Nguyen: In situ investigation of halides effects on SDS adsorption at air/water interfaces. Soft Matter 10: 6556 (July 2014). [Pub ID : #1643]
8 Nguyen Tan Khoi, Tuan Duc Nguyen, Anh V. Nguyen: Strong cooperative effect of oppositelycharged surfactant mixtures on their adsorption and packing at the air-water interface and interfacial water structure. LANGMUIR 30: 7047 (June 2014). [Pub ID : #1644]
9 Nguyen Tan Khoi: Physiologically-Relevant Modes of Membrane Interactions by the Human Antimicrobial Peptide, LL-37, Revealed by SFG Experiments. Scientific Reports 3: 1854 (May 2013). [Pub ID : #1831]

Domestic journal papers (1) More...

1 Nguyen Thi Xuan Huong, Tran Tong Khanh Linh, Phan Hoang Thien An, Nguyen Tan Khoi: LL37-How a tiny peptide carries out its great responsibility in the innate immune system ACADEMIA JOURNAL OF BIOLOGY 40: 161-169 (October 2018). [Pub ID : #3668]