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Non-ISI journal papers (2) More...

1 Nguyen Thi Le Ha, Huynh Chau Gia Bao: Cost of Debt and Political Connection of Firms in Vietnam. International Journal of Sciences: Basic and Applied Research 49(2): 15-23 (January 2020). [Pub ID : #4173]
2 Bui Trieu Minh, Nguyen Thi Le Ha: Determinants of Firm Value in Vietnam: A Research Framework. International Journal of Science and Research 9(1): 5 (January 2020). [Pub ID : #4169]

Domestic journal papers (1) More...

1 Nguyen Thi Le Ha: Recommendations to Mobilize Capital for Small and Medium Enterprises in Vietnam Asia Pacific Economic Review 2019(555): 3 (December 2019). [Pub ID : #4186]