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61 Huynh Thi Hong Diem, Phan Quoc Khanh: Approximations of Optimization-Related Problems in Terms of Variational Convergence. Vietnam Journal of Mathematics 44(2): 399-417 (June 2016). [Pub ID : #2541]
62 Vo Thi Quy, Le Van Phung: Consumers’ Perception towards Corporate Social Responsibility and Repurchase Intention: A Study of Consumer Industry in Vietnam. Industrial Engineering & Management Systems 15(2): 174-181 (June 2016). [Pub ID : #2539]
63 Truong Huynh Anh Vu, Nguyen Ngoc Huu, Ha Dieu Ly, Nguyen Hoang Khue Tu: Detection of Salmonella Spp. in Feed and Their Antibiotic Susceptibility for Alternative Therapy. Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science 6(5): 018-021 (May 2016). [Pub ID : #2616]
64 Hoang Nguyen Hien Huy, Nguyen Hoang Khue Tu: Lactic acid production from rice straw using plant-originated Lactobacillus rhamnosus PN04. Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research 8(5): 590-594 (May 2016). [Pub ID : #2608]
65 Dat Nghe, Ly Ha, Phuc Hua, Nguyen Hoang Khue Tu: Tetrodotoxin detoxification capability of Tachypleus tridentatus. Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research 8(5): 753-757 (May 2016). [Pub ID : #2603]
66 Hung Nguyen, Thu Nguyen, Le Thi Ly: Computational study of Glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase deficiencies using molecular dynamics simulation. South Asian Journal of Life Sciences 4(1): 32 (January 2016). [Pub ID : #2664]
67 Do Ngoc Anh Huy, Pham Anh Hao, Pham Van Hung: Screening and identification of Bacillus sp. isolated from traditional Vietnamese soybean-fermented products for high fibrinolytic enzyme production. International Food Research Journal 23(1): 326-331 (January 2016). [Pub ID : #2345]
68 Hoang Thanh Nhon, Mai Ngoc Khuong: THE EFFECTS OF CONSUMER-GENERATED MEDIA ON VIETNAMESE TRAVELERS’ DECISION MAKING - MEDIATION ANALYSIS OF PERCEIVED CREDIBILITY AND TRUST. International Journal of Electronic Commerce Studies 2(2): 315-330 (December 2015). [Pub ID : #2349]
69 Nguyen Ngoc Huu, Nguyen Hoang Khue Tu: Evaluation on the Bacillus subtilis spore in drug delivery. Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science 5(3): 040-043 (November 2015). [Pub ID : #2610]
70 Nguyen Hoang Khue Tu, Doan Thi Thanh Vinh, Le Bao Thu: Amylase Producing Bacillus megaterium T04 Isolated in Rach Lang Stream of Vietnam. Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science 5(10): 012-015 (October 2015). [Pub ID : #2615]