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SCI-E journal papers (3) More...

1 Tran Ngoc Duc, Truc Mai, Trung Vo, Andrew Ward, Hai Nguyen, Hoang Thi Lan Xuan: Lipid Signal Can Be An Additional Marker For The Detection Of Dunaliella Salina. Wulfenia 21(12): 18 (December 2014). [Pub ID : #1821]
2 Tran Ngoc Duc, Mario Giordano, Clifford Louime, Ngan Tran, Trung Vo, Du Nguyen, Hoang Tung: An Isolated Picochlorum Species for Aquaculture, Food, and Biofuel North American Journal of Aquaculture 76: 7 (July 2014). [Pub ID : #1538]
3 Tran Ngoc Duc, Nguyen Doan, Clifford Louime, Mario Giordano, Sixto Portilla: Growth, antioxidant capacity and total carotene of Dunaliella salina DCCBC15 in a low cost enriched natural seawater medium. World J Microbiol Biotechnol (July 2013).Currently, online [Pub ID : #995]

Non-ISI journal papers (9) More...

1 Uyen Nguyen, Tran Ngoc Duc, Anh Pham, Minh Ho: MEDIUM AND SALINITY FOR GROWTH AND LIPID ACCUMULATION OF Nannochloropsis sp.. Journal of Biology and Nature 3(4): (July 2015). [Pub ID : #1904]
2 Nguyen Cao Nguyen, Tran Ngoc Duc, Hoa Nguyen, Hai Nguyen, Trung Vo: SELECTION OF Dunaliella salina AND LIGHT STRESS CONDITIONS FOR CAROTENE, PHENOLICS AND ANTIOXIDANT CAPACITY. Journal of Advances in Food Science & Technology 2(3): (July 2015). [Pub ID : #1903]
3 Trung Vo, Tran Ngoc Duc, Anh Pham, Phuc Luu, Anh Bui, Le Bui: CONDITIONS FOR SIMULTANEOUS EXPLOITATION OF TOTAL CAROTENE, PHENOLICS AND ANTIOXIDANT CAPACITY OF Dunaliella salina A9. Journal of Advances in Food Science & Technology 2(2): 5 (May 2015). [Pub ID : #1855]
4 Ngan Tran, Clifford Louime, Tran Ngoc Duc: Cell density and light intensity for Picochlorum sp.. plant 2(6): 4 (December 2014). [Pub ID : #1819]
5 Trung Vo, Tran Ngoc Duc: Effects of Salinity and Light on Growth of Dunaliella Isolates Journal of Applied & Environmental Microbiology 2(5): 4 (July 2014). [Pub ID : #1537]
6 Trung Vo, Tran Ngoc Duc: Carotene and Antioxidant Capacity of Dunaliella Salina Strains Journal of Nutrition and Health 2(2): 3 (July 2014). [Pub ID : #1536]
7 Suong Nguyen, Tran Ngoc Duc, Sixto Portilla, Trung Vo: Medium improvement for higher growth and longer stationary phase of Dunaliella.. Journal of Plant Science (January 2014).2(1): 9-13 [Pub ID : #1201]
8 Tran Ngoc Duc, Trung Vo, Sixto Portilla, Clifford Louime, Nguyen Doan, Truc Mai, Dat Tran, Trang Ho: Phylogenetic study of some strains of Dunaliella. Amer. J of Enviro. Sci. (August 2013).9(4), 317-321 [Pub ID : #1010]
9 Tran Ngoc Duc, Clifford Louime, Trung Vo, Mario Giordano, Sixto Portilla, Nguyen Doan, Dat Tran, Truc Mai, Le Bui: Identification of Dunaliella Viridis Using ITS Markers. Inter. J. of Applied Sci. and Tech. (April 2013).3(4), 118-126 [Pub ID : #1009]

Domestic journal papers (1) More...

1 Tran Ngoc Duc, Doan Thi Nhu Nguyen, Sixto Portilla, Hoang Tung, Duong Duc Tien, Ho Ky Quang Minh, Nguyen Thi My Lan: A Potential Low Cost Medium For Cultivation Of Dunaliella Salina Dccbc15 In Vietnam Vietnam Journal of Biology ( 2013).Accepted [Pub ID : #1017]